“This Hourglass is all about time but in a more esoteric and fundamental way. I was thinking of having fun with time.”

Marc Newson

The Hourglass is hand made from a single piece of 5mm to 7mm thick Borosilicate Glass, handblown by artisan to closely reproduce Marc Newson’s design. Borosilicate Glass is extremely clear and usually used for lab equipment and medical devices due to its resistant to thermal shock.
« To our knowledge no one has made an Hourglass blown in one piece »
Nanoballs have absolutely perfect spherical shape measuring precisely 0.6mm in diameter and coated with fine gold or silver. When the Hourglass is inverted, the nanoballs fall and bounce in an erratic way, resulting in a 10, 30 or 60 minutes chronometer.
The Hourglass is finally completed by Marc Newson signature standing on the top of the glass and filled with millions of solid nanoballs made of stainless steel.
« Despite the apparent simplicity, it has millions of moving parts »
« I was interested in having fun with time. This Hourglass is all about time but in a more esoteric and fundamental way. The watch industry is saturated with complexity so I thought that it would be amusing to try and redress that and create something fun. It’s fun to step back every now and then and consider the concept of time »
60’ HG LG - Ø 250mm H 300mm - 10.0 kg - 7'727'248 nanoballs
30’ HG MD - Ø 200mm H 240mm - 6.0 kg - 3'409’080 nanoballs
10’ HG SM - Ø 125mm H 150mm - 1.5 kg - 1'249’996 nanoballs