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The Marc Newson Hourglass for Hodinkee. Limited edition.

The Marc Newson Hourglass For HODINKEE

We’ve long admired Marc Newson’s Hourglass, so we teamed up with him to make our own. This is the Marc Newson Hourglass HODINKEE, available exclusively in a limited collection of just 100 pieces. Hand blown

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A philosophy of time by Marc Newson.
We are striving to create objects that will be treasured by their users for generations to come and which will not become obsolete.

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The Hourglass was first to be born, followed by the Klepsydra. They both embody Marc Newson’s sense of beauty, quality, precision and light-heartedness. The apparent simplicity of the designs are the result of remarkable engineering and craftsmanship. Newson reflects that each design has ‘over a million moving parts’. That’s over a million opportunities to witness time elapsing in a truly mesmeric way.