The Marc Newson Hourglass For HODINKEE

We’ve been admired Marc Newson’s Hourglass, so we teamed up with him to make our own. This is the Marc Newson Hourglass HODINKEE, available exclusively in a limited collection of just 100 pieces. Hand blown form a single piece of borosilicate glass, the Marc Newson Hourglass for HODINKEE is a sight to behold. To create the shape you see here, a long tube of glass is loaded onto a large turning machine, and a combination of specialized torches and blowing through a long rubber tube are used to heat and shape the spinning glass. All of the shaping has to be done entirely by eye, as no measurement device can interrupt the hot glass. Every Hourglass is filled with 1,249,996 tiny spheres called “nanoballs”, to measure the passing of 10 minutes.
At just 0.6mm in diameter, each nanoball is made of stainless steel covered with a fine opper coating, plus an anti-corrosion layer to ensure that they will not turn green over time.