Inside the collection of the Mad in Paris

It feels like ages since we last visited a Museum. However, there are museums that will be remembered for a very long time after they were visited once. The Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris is one of these gems. We are extremely delighted to announce that the Hourglass by Marc Newson has now joined the permanent collection of the MAD in Paris.

The relationship with the MAD started several years ago as the first pieces of furniture designed by Marc Newson where exhibited in their premises. Last year to our greatest joy and pride, The Hourglass was selected to join the exhibition titled « Luxuries » (« Luxes » in French).

The exhibition offers a journey through time and geography, combining moments of contemplation with more monumental scans. Since October 2020, the now iconic Hourglass was offered the most relevant space for delight and understanding. The Hourglass was granted with the honor and privilege to welcome visitors to the exhibition through its prominent position.

Following the very warm welcome that it received, the MAD thought that the Hourglass by Marc Newson ought to be part of their permanent collection. We are grateful to the Director of the Musée des Arts Décoratifs and his Team for their extended support and trust.